Of blood drawn from stone.

Petrichor: /ˈpɛtrʌɪkɔ / n

1. The scent of rain on dry earth. From the Greek: Petros–stone–and ichor–blood of the gods. 

2. The online home of Alana Brekelmans: a storyteller, yoga teacher, and anthropologist who spends her days thinking about narrative, embodiment, and weather events.

Alana explores stories through creative practice, her research in narratives of placeMeraki Radio multimedia storytelling projects, and Meraki Movement yoga.

Sometimes sharing stories can be like drawing blood from a stone. This is especially true when it’s your story, a story that’s embodied, or a story about that which is deeply meaningful.
But stories are also just as nourishing as t
hat other blood drawn from stone: like rain after a dry period, stories can reawaken the spirit, promote growth, and connect.