I’m a PhD candidate in anthropology—the study of societies and cultures—at the University of Queensland.

Current Projects

Out there, back then: chronotopes of belonging and absence in Outback Queensland.

This thesis examines settler-colonial ideologies of time and place in Outback Queensland today. In particular, I explore how this ideology intersects with the ways in which pastoralists, town residents, and Indigenous people establish and negotiate a sense of belonging in place.

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Past research projects

Ever Afterwards,

Honours thesis, Fine arts, Queensland University of Technology. 

This practice-led creative writing research project explored memory, embodiment, multiple-temporalities, and focalisation in literature. I examined how literary fiction can employ techniques of focalisation to narrate traumatic experiences. Furthermore, it aimed to do this in a way that acknowledges a dialectic of meaning between multiple memories, without situating any one memory (and associated focalisation) as a more valid representation of events than another.