Haunting, rubble, excess

2021, Brisbane, Australia

This performance art piece, presented at 4ZZZ Radio Rusted Satellites: Other Frequencies 3 (2021) in collaboration with cyberBanshee, engaged with questions of how individuals and groups narratively embark on the intersubjective task of contemporary worlding in places that are haunted by violent pasts and uncertain futures, where the ruins of of modernist ideals pile up, and where the conditions of life exceed dominant modes of representation.

Corpus Null

2021, Brisbane, Australia

This butoh performance, directed and choreographed by Saara Ropolla for Anywhere Theatre Festival, explored Deleuze and Guattari’s theory of a body without organs.



This live-streamed butoh performance, presented at ‘Pollinator’ in 2020 (curated by Saara Ropolla) expressed themes of ecological devastation in settler-colonial Australia.

This improvised performance was in response to sound from Boom Boom Bean Selecta and cyberBanshee and visuals by Clunkk.

Tullah and Tom

2016, Woodford, Australia

This performance art piece, directed by Bill Platz for Woodford Folk Festival, explored the body and abjection in art.