I teach a variety of workshops and classes

  • Embodied social justice
  • Embodied feminism
  • Compassion during difficult times
  • Holding on and letting go: Practice and non-attachment
  • Embodied academic writing

Public sessions

I teach weekly trauma-informed and all-levels classes on Mondays, 4.30pm and Thursdays,4.30pm Brisbane Yoga Space.

Private and small group sessions

In these sessions, I tailor a practice specifically to your needs. This might mean customised yoga asana or a combination of philosophy, goal setting, meditation, creative activities, and yoga asana. These sessions can be held at your home or a park.


I believe that embodied practice and movement modalities should be accessible to everyone. I acknowledge that certain communities are underrepresented in the wellness industry, that embodied practices are political, and that bodies are politicised. As such, I’d like to create a safe space for all and encourage a diverse range of people to join me for practice.

If you are part of the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ communities, experiencing financial difficulties, or just plain broke at the moment and you, your friends, or a group you are part of want to do yoga with me or attend any of my events, send me a message and I’ll see what I can do. I extend this invitation as someone who has been offered scholarships and opportunities myself, so don’t be shy!

My goal is to find a regular space where I can provide by-donation yoga classes in a supportive environment–if you know of one, contact me!

Contact me for more information.