My practice…

When I started yoga and meditation, it was my dirty little secret. I was in my early teens. I had a dog-eared copy of Iyenga’s Light on Yoga and a very retro book of women in fluorescent leotards putting their legs behind their heads. I’d lock my bedroom door, then attempt to replicate the easier looking poses…


Eleven years and many wonderful teachers later, I made my way to the front of the studio and led my first class.

The practice I lead is all about encouraging us to embrace creative possibilities and confront the beliefs we have about ourselves. It’s not about nailing insta-worthy poses (though that can be fun too). It’s about mindful embodied growth. Creating. Moving. Story-honouring. Getting groovy with the constant movement of the universe. Learning how to keep your balance in change.

It’s about opening to new ways of being, while also thinking critically. No bandwagons. No BS. Just moving from your core, creating your story.

It’s also about having fun. I love teaching a strong, dynamic vinaysa class, or a super chill, meditative yin class. I tell stories, ask questions, and interweave philosophical themes drawn from diverse sources such as ancient texts, poetry, and The Simpsons. (Read my take on yoga philosophy 101 here). Much of this philosophy comes from a combination of contemporary critical theory, psychology, and the nondualistic tantra traditions.

My teachers…

I have been lucky to sit at the feet of many great teachers over the years. I am thankful to them all.


  • My first training was in reiki and energetic systems (Level II reiki initiated, 2009) at Orion Healing Centre.

Asana and yoga philosophy:

  • One of my first regular teachers in power yoga was Bryce Tunny. Bryce’s powerful combination of philosophy and asana challenged me in all the right ways. In 2015 I studied yin yoga (30hrs) with him.
  • I completed my initial teacher trainings in power vinyasa with Power Living Australia Melbourne (2015) under the guidance of Cassie Lee, Manoj Dias, and Chris Wilson. These dynamic teachers inspired me greatly, and I continue to practice with Cassie whenever I can.
  • I also studied power vinyasa (‘The anatomy of flow’) with  Sadie Nardini online (20hrs) in 2015-2016.

Philosophy, meditation, pranayama, mantra, and subtle practices:

  • With Dr Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine (workshops; intensive training, 2016), I’ve explored the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, the illuminations of contemporary cognitive studies, and the wonder of dance.
  • I’ve studied maitri and parts work meditation (2019) through online courses with Ralph de la Rosa.
  • Gabriel Reece’s workshops and courses in traditional tantra have deepened my love for the philosophy and practice of tantric traditions.
  • In 2020 I studied subtle practices  of yoga (50hr) online with Rose Baudin, Bess Prescott, and Tahl Rinsky of Creature Yoga.
  • I am currently studying ‘Finding Grace’, a course on the yoga sutras (50hr) with Dena Kingsberg of Byron Yoga Shala and Bess Prescott and Tahl Rinsky of Creature Yoga.

Other modalities:

  • Dr Scott Lyons‘ somatic stress release (30hr level I, 2019) is a powerful multi-modality approach to discharging stress and mobilising energy, and has been a life-line in times of upheaval. 
  •   Training in butoh and physical theatre with Zen Zen Zo and Saara Ropella (Kimera Productions) have taught me the importance of creative dedication, spiritual roots, and serious play in all my practices.
  • Gems from training in pain-free movement with Jackson Lennan (movement4) often sneak into my movement classes.


The wheres and whens…

I’m currently teaching a reduced timetable.

Contact me for information on upcoming classes and my semi-private sessions, and follow me on Instagram for the latest updates.

Regular Classes


Private and small group sessions

In these sessions, I tailor a practice specifically to your needs. This might mean customised yoga asana or a combination of philosophy, goal setting, meditation, creative activities, and yoga asana. These classes can be held at your home or a park.

I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone. While I do not specialise in trauma sensitive or accessible yoga, I acknowledge that certain communities are underrepresented in the wellness industry and that yoga, to be frank, can be a bit boujie, so I’d like to encourage a diverse range of people to join me for practice.

If you are part of the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ communities, or just plain broke (I’ve been there) and you , your friends, or a group you are part of want to do yoga with me or attend any of my events, send me a message and I’ll see what do what I can do.

My goal is to find a regular space where I can provide by-donation yoga classes in a supportive environment–if you know of one, contact me!

Contact me for more information.